Continuous Integration of jenkins ,github and Docker

2 min readMay 6, 2020

Hello Everyone. I am Adarsh kumar and currently I am doing DevOps Assembly Lines Training under LinuxWorld Informatics under the mentorship of Mr. Vimal Daga sir.

About the Activity:

Since the production environment is very critical,as client is directly connected to it.It is good practice to first test the webapp on the testing environment then, it should be deploy to the production environment.The version of of both environment should be same,and it is somehow harder to maintain it.Here you are using same docker image in both the environment so that we can get same versions.

And you are creating 2 branches in github, dev1 branch for testing and master branch for production.First youcommit code in dev1 as we commit, jenkins will automatically run its job,pulling from my repository and launching the web server on the top of docker ,so that you can test the webapp.After testing the whole webapp ,if all thing is good, then you have to build the 2nd job of jenkins that will merge the dev1 with the master branch on github,and there will be third job that will automatically run after completion of 2nd job ,After the complition of third job , the client will be able to see the webapp.

It is assumed that you have prior knowledge of docker ,git and github,and installed in your system.

1st job configuration

1.1:1st job:dev
1.2: job dev -configuration

2nd job configuration

2.1: job final
2.2:job final

3rd job configuration

3.1: job main
3.2: job main


You have successfully intrigate the docker ,jenkins and github ,by fully automation.